Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 1st Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH), taking place September 27-29, 2018 in Paris, France.

The annual meeting of the IACH aims to create a comprehensive intellectual and operational environment for acquisition of knowledge, skills, clinical judgement, and attitudes essential for the practice of clinical hematology.

The format allocates a significant amount of time to interactive debates and audience questions to the expert panels. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the discussions with faculty members in this unique open environment.

The IACH is a non-profit Association founded by a group of leading physicians whose focus is to promote best in class clinical practice in the field of clinical hematology. The development of new drugs (targeted therapies, immunotherapy, etc.) is accompanied by a growing demand for sharing experiences in order to improve the quality of patient treatment and care through the development of professional competencies and excellence.

In order to attain these objectives, cooperation is needed between health professionals worldwide under a common umbrella to promote health care capacities by sharing scientific and clinical knowledge, methods and skills.

We invite you to support and participate in the IACH Annual Meeting.

Mohamad Mohty

Arnon Nagler

On behalf of the organizing committee

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The International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH)

IACH is a non for-profit organization currently being registered in France, devoted to the promotion of all aspects related to CLINICAL HEMATOLOGY including translational and clinical research, education and dissemination of knowledge.

The IACH aims to allow scientists, physicians, health care providers, and other stakeholders involved in the broader hematology field to share their experiences and develop collaborations, with a SPECIAL FOCUS ON CLINICAL PRACTICE.

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